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Communication and Personality Training Programme

About The Programme
ABR presents "The Corporate Listening Skill Enhancement/Accent Reduction Programme", a cohesive multi-dimensional venture purposely designed by means of a clinical approach to enhance the listening/comprehension skills of English Language, reduce, neutralize and modify the Mother - Tongue - Influenced (MTI) English accent.
First in India to Combine Services of:

Programme Specialities
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Audiologists
  • Spoken English Trainers
  • Clinical Evaluations Pre and Post Training
  • Result-oriented Trainer to Trainee Ratio (1:10)
  • Customized, Scientific Methodologies & Resources

The Programme was explicitly created to help employees better connect with their speakers/listeners or customers by becoming a competent communicator. The programme incorporates listening/comprehension skills of Language English, pronunciation, grammar, genuinely interactive conversation and soft skill training through a clinical and multi-dimensional approach to enhance ones overall communication skills. The training modules have been formulated to identify specific Indian sounds which are much ‘accented’ and strongly influence the comprehension and expression of English. Then, those identified sounds are immediately put into action and utilized in simulated day-to-day communication circumstances where one will also receive real-time feedback or pointers.

In the current market, technical skills alone are no longer enough! The Programme will help you listen accurately, speak proficiently, effectively and with confidence in any listening/speaking situations. It not only will help one adjust, but enhance how he/she listen/speak to give them that ‘edge’ in today’s competitive job market.


  • Evaluate all facets of communication listening,articulation,voice, resonance, fluency, language proficiency (semantics, syntax, pragmatics), personality dimensions and soft skills to identify the competence of trainees in improving their communication skills
  • Develop a self-assured, successful and effective communicator / listener by way of a multi-dimensional programme/clinical approach that would help one reach their career and personal goals


  • The First in India to combine services of the Audiologists, Speech Language Pathologists, Spoken English/Accent Trainers & Psychologists
  • The First programme in India to incorporate comprehensive clinical evaluations and pre and post training
  • Upholds an optimum and result-oriented trainer to trainee ratio (1:10)
  • Exclusively employs standardized, scientific & time proven methodologies and resources