Corporate Programmes

ABRHS offers 3 Corporate Programmes

Stress Management Programme

Stress Management Training Programme is a programme to impart employees with the skills they need to perform effectively under high pressure. This programme is a unique combination of multi disciplinary intervention. It benefits attendees in their personal lives, greatly enhances communication and productivity on the job.

Nutrition Wellness Programme

Our corporate nutrition programme promotes healthy lifestyle by optimising the health of people and helps to reduce the life style disorders and increasing the health and performance of the employees. Changes in diet and lifestyle can lead to reduce absenteeism, increased productivity, improved concentration and better stress management thus we offer the employees a chance to look, feel and think better.

Accentus - Accent Reduction Programmce

ABR presents 'Accentus' - The Corporate Listening Skill Enhancement/Accent Reduction Programme, a cohesive multi-dimensional venture purposely designed by means of a clinical approach to enhance the listening/comprehension skills of Language English to reduce, neutralize and modify the Mother - Tongue - Influenced (MTI) English accent.