School Health Programme

ABRHS Healthcare Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. was formed by a group of Indian professionals in the field of Healthcare, Education & Information Technology and is supported by AlphaVista Services Inc. USA, which is a multinational corporation providing Professional Healthcare Services worldwide. We have introduced a Comprehensive School Healthcare Programme designed by a team of Educational and Healthcare Professionals to assess, evaluate and recommend child’s physical and cognitive development using appropriate methods/tools. The focus is towards a detailed analysis of the physical and psychological health of student community to ensure a healthy next generation. This evaluation is conducted for the age group of 3-17 years.

This Programme is conducted by the following experienced Professionals.

Programme Specialists
  • Doctors
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Audiologists
  • Psychologists / Educational Therapists
  • Nutritionists


1. General Physical Check up

Physical Health Check Up

We designed our physical check to make sure that we are capturing all the general physical issues which can cause severe health problem for a child. The programme is designed for the progressive monitoring of child’s general health, which will enable us to identify lot of disabilities & deficiencies which are easily correctable in the early stages of life. We also make sure the immunization histories are up to date with national immunization schedule.

Full Physical Check up by Doctors

  • General Health Check up
  • Vision Test
  • Weight
  • BMI
  • BP
  • Immunization Check up
  • General Dental Check up

2. Speech Language & Hearing Evaluation

Hearing Evaluation

Hearing Evaluation in school system will help to screen, identify, diagnose and refer any student with hearing issues which will lead to speech and learning disability issues. Our objective is to identify it in the very early stage and provide corrective measures. Our professionals are equipped with state of the art audiometers and other equipments to do the evaluation.

Speech Language Evaluation

Speech Language Evaluation in school system will help to screen, identify, assess, diagnose and refer any student with articulation, fluency, voice, language communication and swallowing disabilities in very early stage of their development and provide corrective measures.

We Provide

  • Evaluation of children on their Speech Developmental/Behavioural Assessment.
  • Identification of children with speech and or language impairments.
  • Appraisal and diagnosis of specific speech and/or language impairments.
  • Referral for medical or professional intervention for improving children's speech or language impairments.
  • Providing SLP services for prevention of communication impairments.
  • Counselling and guidance for parents, children and teachers regarding speech and/or language impairments.

3. Psychological / Educational Evaluation

Learning Disabilities

As per International surveys, approximately one in every seven people has a learning disability in western countries and a recent survey conducted in India shows one in ten people is having learning disability in India.

Learning disabilities can affect many areas involving language, calculation, reasoning and motor skills. The commonly seen learning disabilities are:-

  • Specific Reading Disorder (Dyslexia)
  • Specific Spelling Disorder (Dysgraphia)
  • Disorder of Arithmetical Skills (Dyscalculia)
  • Mixed Disorder Of Scholastic Skills

Early diagnosis of learning disabilities is very important. The earlier you catch the problem, the more effectively it can be treated. Successful intervention can even change the way the brain works.

We also cover

  • Concentration Evaluation
  • Age Appropriateness Of Academic And Social Skills
  • Can Provide Intervention For Learning Disability and Behaviour Modification
  • Can Conduct Workshops On Memory Improvement Techniques / Exam Stress Management And Concentration Improvement.

4. Nutritional Evaluation

Nutritional evaluation will help to prevent and treat illness by promoting healthy eating habits and recommend dietary modifications as per Indian Standards and also help to evaluate Body Mass Index ( BMI ) and the nutritional value of the dishes and meals consumed by children. Diet therapy will help children:-

Learning disabilities can affect many areas involving language, calculation, reasoning and motor skills. The commonly seen learning disabilities are:-

  • To maintain good nutritional status.
  • To correct deficiencies like anaemia & obesity.
  • To maintain body ability to metabolize the nutrients.
  • Identification of Diabetics Mellitus and proper diet counselling.

Activities involved in the Project

  • Collection of relevant health and behavioural information from parents and teachers through a questionnaire.
  • The team of professionals visit the School and conduct the comprehensive evaluation.
  • Individual detailed reports containing the evaluation results by all the specialists involved are given to the parents through the School.
  • A Holistic report is given to the School with analysis of reports with details of students requiring professional intervention. (Hard copy and soft copy)
  • The reports can be accessed through our web portal via customer ID and Password given to parents and school.
  • Professional intervention can be provided by the specialists at the school.

Results of MedVista School Healthcare Programme

The following is a synopsis of results available after completion of MedVista Healthcare Programme in 7 Schools. The approximate percentage of deviations in different areas and the common deviations observed are enumerated.

Speech Language Pathology

  • The percentage of students with Speech and language problems - 6%.
  • The various disorders seen were hoarseness of voice, high pitched voice in adolescent boys, Misarticulation, Stammering, Delayed speech and language and poor pragmatic skills.


  • The percentage of students Audiological problems were 1.3%
  • The disorders seen were conductive hearing loss and sensory neural hearing loss.

Psychology / Educational

  • The percentage of students with psychology/ educational problems were 14 %
  • The commonly seen difficulties were learning disability, poor social skills and poor concentration.


  • The percentage of students with nutritional problems - 30 %
  • The commonly seen disorders were underweight, anaemia, obesity, high and low random blood sugar.


  • The percentage of students with dental problems were 10 %
  • The commonly seen disorders were dental caries and misalignment of teeth.


  • The percentage of students with paediatric problems were 11.8%.
  • The commonly seen problems were rheumatic fever, cramps, asthma, aphthous ulcers, allergic rhinitis, high blood sugar levels, sore tongue, bronchitis, high eosinophil count and upper respiratory tract infections.


  • The percentage of students with ENT problems -0.1%
  • The total students with only occluding wax were 16%.
  • The commonly seen disorders were ear discharge, foreign bodies in the ear, occluding wax and voice problems.


  • The percentage of students with dermatological problems were 0.5 %
  • The commonly seen problems were hypo pigmentation, fungal infection, ezcemia, tenia infection and warts.


  • The percentage of students with ophthalmological problems were 2%
  • The commonly seen difficulty was poor vision.


  • One case with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome.


  • Cost for this check p has been fixed at Rs. 399/- per Year for Kerala region.

Additional Facilities

  • Detailed Health Report to Parents in hard copy and on line.
  • Detailed Health report to School Principals with analysis of results.
  • Email support by professionals.
  • For professional interventions, the services of all our professionals are available at the intervention centre at Power House Road, Latha Ford Palarivattom, Kochi-25 and also the services can be provided at the school.